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BV Fund Logo     The Veterans Treatment Court is a way to assist our veterans in rehabilitation by diverting them from the traditional criminal justice system and providing them with the tools they need to lead a productive and law-abiding lifestyle.

     From time to time, some of these veterans have need for emergency funds to pay for such things as rent, utilities, travel, or similar emergency expenses. Many do not have the necessary finances to pay these expenses, especially as they begin this program.

     Our 501(c)(3) Bravo Victor Fund Ltd. organization has been established as a means to provide the necessary funds to cover these emergency needs and help our veterans stay the course to successfully complete the program.

     Please consider donating to the Bravo Victor Fund to assist our veterans in successfully completing the Veterans Treatment Court

Thank You!

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to “The Bravo Victor Fund” and mail it to:

Bravo Victor Fund
P.O. Box 807
Marietta, GA 30061

We will immediately send you a receipt. Again thanks for your contribution!

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Chapter XXXIII — Georgia Piedmont of The Colonial Dames of America Donates $550 to Cobb Veterans Treatment Court BV Fund

On 24 March 2017, Ms. Camille Lowery, representing the Georgia Piedmont Chapter of The Colonial Dames of America, presented Judge Ruben Green and Major General (retired) David Bockel with a grant to the Cobb County Veterans Treatment Court Bravo Victor Fund to assist veterans enrolled in the program.  The Colonial Dames of America is a patriotic society of women, descended from Colonial ancestry dedicated to historic preservation, encouraging writings on American life, graduate student scholarships, and worthy causes.  This grant is greatly appreciated in assisting our veterans in their as they work their way through this rehabilitation program. 

Thank you Colonial Dames of America!!


Verizon provides a Grant of $5, 000 to Cobb Veterans Treatment Court

Verizon Grant

On 11 December 2015, Ms. Julie Smith, Senior Vice President at Verizon, presented Judge Ruben Green and Major General (retired) David Bockel with a Grant of $5,000 to assist the Veterans Treatment Court in providing  assistance to veterans enrolled in the program.  These funds are used for immediate transportation, shelter, utilities, travel, or other emergency needs.  This community support is greatly appreciated and makes a huge difference to the lives of our veterans as they work to overcome  legal and medical challenges.  

 Thank you Verizon!!


Cobb County State Court Clerk’s Office donates to Cobb Veterans Treatment Court—–———————————————-

Cobb Clerk's OfficeThe Cobb County State Court Clerk, Angie Davis, and Chief Deputy, Robin Bishop, conduct an annual Knowledge Fair for their employees.  The purpose of the Knowledge Fair is for employees to gain knowledge of resources to provide better customer service as well as to have healthy productive lives both at work and at home. Volunteer presenters for the Knowledge Fair are usually from other courts, departments or community groups in Cobb County.

 In May, at the 2015 Knowledge Fair, Cobb Superior Court Judge Reuben Green spoke to the State Court Clerk’s Office employees about the Cobb County Veterans Treatment Court. The Clerk’s Office employees were so moved by the mission of the Cobb Veteran’s Court that they sprung into action. Over a series of five days, the employees donated funds for the opportunity to wear blue jeans, with all of the proceeds to benefit the Veterans Court program. The employees raised $400.00 in donations for the purchase of transportation passes for Veterans Court participants. The State Court Clerk’s Office converted the donations into $400 worth of MARTA Breeze cards that were presented at the Veterans Court by State Court Clerk Angie Davis on August 21st, 2015.

Thank you Cobb County State Clerk’s Office!!