VTC banner with seals


Jan David Baker
1st Class Petty Officer, US Navy, Retired
Served 1974-1988 (12+ years active)
Service in:
     NTC Orlando, FL; NAVCOM Unit Cheltenham/NAS Andrews AFB, MD; NSF Diego Garcia; —-NAS Alameda, CA; NS Treasure Island San Francisco, CA
     USS Dewey (DDG45) Charleston, SC
     USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN69) Norfolk, VA
     USS Norton Sound (AVM1) Point Hueneme, CA
     USS Mount Hood (AE-29) Concord Naval Weapon Station, CA



Bockel -- LT

DRB Flag 4

David R. Bockel
Major General, US Army, Retired
37-year military career
Service in:
     25th Infantry Division (Vietnam); 199th Infantry Brigade (Vietnam);
     90th Regional Support Command; US Army Reserve Command;
     US Army Reserve Readiness Command; 311th Theater Signal Command




Phil Carter

Phillip CarterPhil Carter -- 212 FAB Iraq 1991
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired
21-year military career
Service in:
—–Ft Riley, KS; Ft Polk, LA; Ft Benning, GA; Ft Sill, OK; Ft Campbell, KY;   ———-Ft Knox, KY; Ft Benjamin-Harrison, IN; Ft Meade, MD; –               —   — – — Pentagon, Ft McPherson, GA; Panama; Germany; Persian Gulf.




November F. Graves
Master Sergeant, US Army (Reserves) Retired.
28 years service, Active Reserves, Active National Guard, and Active Duty.
Service in:
     Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and CONUS: Fort Hood, Georgia National Guard, DC National —–Guard, and Fort Bragg







Mike 2x2Michael Gullege
Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired
39-year military career
Service in:
—–1st & 3rd Marines, Vietnam; VAQ-134 aboard Carl Vinson & Enterprise; US Sixth Fleet, EUCOM (Germany); —–CENTCOM (Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar)



Bill JoynerBill Joyner

Served Jan 1963 – Dec 1966
Service in:
—–Brookley AFB, AL; Anderson AFB; Guam, MI, 1st Weather Wing, att SAC 4133 Bomb Wing P




Mike Stanley 2



Mike Stanley 1

Stanley Michel
SPC 3, U.S. Army Signal Corps
Served Dec 1965 to Dec 1967
Service in:
—–Fort Gordon GA, McNair Kaserne Höchst Germany




PeakeDrew Peakeps_2016_05_10___08_56_56
Captain, U.S. Navy Retired
41-year military career
Service in:
        Standing Naval Forces Atlantic as Chief Petty Officer,                                                 Commissioned Engineering Duty, and five times Commanding Officer.




 Roger A. Sandbothe
Served 1968-1972 Electronic Communication and Cryptographic Equipment Systems Repair
Service in:
—–   SAC (Strategic Air Command) at McConnell AFB KS, Seymour Johnson AFB, ——-NC, (MACV) Military Assistance Command Vietnam





Schickner     Mark Schickner
     Captain, USMC
     Served 1972-1977
     Service in:
             US Naval Academy; Quantico, VA; 7th Marine Regiment, Camp Pendleton, California, 4th Marine 
             Regiment, Camp Hanson, Okinawa





Victoria Conkel Turney
Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Retired
20-year military career
Service in :
—– –MCAS Iwakuni, Japan; MCAS El Toro and MCAS Camp Pendleton, California; ———- ———  —1st MarDiv;
 4th, 9th and 6th Marine Corps Recruiting Districts



????????????????????????????????????Peter J. Varljen
Colonel, US Army, Retired
Signal Corps, Airborne, Ranger
27-year military career
Service in:
   —  Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan
..-.–..Europe, Asia, CONUS



Mark Walker

J. Mark WalkerMark Walker2
Captain, SC, US Navy Reserve (Retired)
23 years service, active duty and active reserve
Service in:
     USS Wrangell (AE-12) on Yankee Station,
     Various Navy Reserve Units in Washington, DC      and Atlanta, GA



Wannall-1aRichard Wannall
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired
21-year career
Service in:
    Weather forecasting for flight operations, contract management and staff support in
     Germany and various stateside locations.