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This page is dedicated to recognizing our Mentees as they successfully progress through the

Cobb County Veterans Treatment Court

Staying on track and ultimate success in the Veterans Treatment Court is measured by progression through 4 phases:

Phase 1 (3 Months):  This is initial phase where Mentees learn about the Veterans Treatment Court processes and begin the structured program designed to assess and provide the required assistance in the areas of  medical treatment, family issues, employment and housing to ensure successful completion of the program and to build the foundation for a successful life afterwords.

Phase 2 (5 Months):  This phase recognizes successful integration into the program with consistent progress and demonstrated responsibility in attending meetings, progress in finding employment or educational pursuits, and beginning the process of articulating developing life goals and aspirations.

Phase 3 (4 Months):  This phase recognizes extended success in meeting the program’s performance, education, and developmental goals.  Specifically it celebrates success in overcoming personal challenges, completing basic counseling, identifying a personal life plan based on personal growth and responsibility that will lead to success.

Phase 4 (6 Months):  This final phase recognizes significant personal recovery and development.  It begins the transition back into society with full personal responsibility for ones actions and success.   It is based on a life plan developed and lived during this program.

Entering into this program and achieving each phase recognizes the desire of the Mentee and support of the community  in achieving full recovery and the successful reintegration into society.  As you can see from the photos below each phase brings celebration and a determination to continue to graduation and a successful life beyond.  Join us in celebrating the success of our Mentees!!


Congratulations to the following mentees as they work their way through the phases to Graduation!!

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Rick H with his mentor

Dan Hydrick  Jun 2017



Kenny C with his mentor

Bill Hetzler Aug 2017

——————————————————Josh G with his mentor

                    ———————————     Clifford Lowery  Sep 2017


Jay R with his mentor

Mark Walker Sep 2017

===================                 =    Bryan G with his mentor

====================                     Edward Hermoyian Oct 2017



Timothy D with his mentor

Gary Stroud  Nov 2017





———–+++++++——————————picture2Veterans logo





———————————————————————————————————-Justin J with his mentor

———————————————————————————————————-Victoria Turney Apr 2017



Samuel B with his mentor

Roger Sandbothe  Jun 2017

—————————————————-Christopher H with his mentor

—————————————————-Bill Joiner  Jun 2017



Shane Crocker with his mentor

Peter Varljen  Nov 2017










—————————————————————————————————–Babatunde R with his mentor

—————————————————————————-                 ——–   Stanley Michel Dec 2016



Josh P with his mentor

Michael Gulledge  Apr 2017

—————————————————Latroyce B with her mentor

—————————————————November Graves Aug 2017






Jaquese H with his mentor

Jewel Montgomery  Aug 2017

—————————————————Justin B with his mentor

—————————————————Thomas Syracuse  Sep 2017






David D with his mentor

Gene Mincey  Oct 2017

—————————————————-Tom B with his mentor

—————————————————–Douglas Middleton Oct 2017



Dwight E with his mentor

Richard Wannall  Dec 2017